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Wyoming County: 1987

This report is a report I received verbatim

I was hunting near my home in a small place called Basin WV,it was in the fall very warm and the trees still had most of the leaves on them i was squirrel hunting alone and was waiting on a freind,i did notice that there was no sounds from the woods like on a normal day,the sun was at my back so i had a good vantage point to look for squirrels,and then i noticed a shadow to my left that was being made of some thing above me on the hill,at first i thought it was my freind wanting to sneak up on me, but when i would look up the hill the sun was so bright i could not see anything,when i looked back down the hill the shadow would lean back out from a tree,so i looked out from the other side of the tree i was sitting at and after a while, i saw what had been making the shadow,and it was not my freind. What ever it was, it was looking for me at the place i had been. I could not make out anything but an outline of it at frist i thought it was a person, until it grabed a tree with its left arm and the hair hung down way to far for a person,thats when i junped up to get a better look and it saw me it turned back up the hill and went out of sight om me. I ran to the top of the hill but by time it was gone. I told a few people about it some made fun of me, but some told me they had seen the same thing around the time i had saw it, within a week or so. My uncle that lived very close to where this happened told me he had heard something that was making a loud moaning sound like it was mad and said that when it would happen his dogs would go hide and he said his hunting dogs had never done that before.

Barbour County: 8/13/2006

This report is a report I received verbatim

Details: We were camping at Audra St. Pk.and fishing the Buckhannon and Tygart Rivers. We parked at the covered bridge on Carrolton Rd. and walked the RR tracks to the mouth of Buckhannon River.As we started down the rr track we noticed an awful smell, I assumed a deer had been hit by a train, but no carcass was seen.When we reached the RR bridge at the rivers mouth we stopped to look at the water and suddenly a loud crashing noise,like a falling tree, was heard on the hillside above us. I still didn't think much of it until later as we were wading upstream a loud woodknock was heard. It sounded like someone hit a tree with a baseball bat. I then associated the foul smell, crashing tree, and woodknock with a sasquatch possibly being in the area.This is a remote area and we did not see any other people while fishing. I can't imagine why someone would be in those woods hitting trees with anything.I posted my experience with the BFRO but never received a reply.

Monongalia County: 1998

The witness reports seeing a large hairy creature walking on two legs cross the Kingwood Pike one morning about 3:00am in the fall of the year. The witness reports this happened about two miles from the Kingwood side of the intersection at the bread shop

Lincoln County: September 2008

(Verbatim from witness) I have always been interested in the stories of Bigfoot, but was never certain that they really existed, until Sept 2008 while me, and my friend were living in a tent for 74 days in between Wayne & Lincoln county W.V. Although I never saw Bigfoot, we did see quite a few human-like footprints in the mud. I measured one that was 13 inches long, and 6 inches wide. My friend and I heard a lot of tree knocking, a few weird screams after dark, and one afternoon while walking deep in the woods we were hit with this most horrible stench, that stopped us and our three dogs dead in out tracks! I have never smelled anything like that before. It was not a musky smell, nor ape like smell.. I can't even describe it.. but it was horrible. A few seconds of being frozen in our tracks, we heard limbs breaking on a ridge above us...and we all decided to turn back and head for camp, even the dogs. The dogs never made a sound, no growling, no barking..but were very eager to leave the area. We seen some strange primative type shelters, now I don't know if this was natural growth, of vines and moss, or if something wove the the vines, and placed globs of moss on top of it, but since then I have been VERY interested in learning more about Bigfoot!

Wayne County: November 2009

(Verbatim from witness)In wayne county towards the end of November. On a Sunday around 1:30 am. I had been up late unpacking from the move and had decided to stop for the night and i went out onto our front porch to smoke a cigarette before going to bed. it was pretty chilly that night and quiet one of those nights when you can hear things clearer and from a distance. I had almost finished smoking when all of a sudden in the distance i heard a howl so i listened more closely then within a minute or less after hearing the howl from far away, there was a VERY loud whoop and then followed by a even louder screeching howl that lasted several seconds and just about made me jump out of my skin i dropped my cigarette and jumped up quickly from being startled by this terrifying howl and after the howl stopped i heard sounds like a chimp would make then it stopped. This was right accross the road from my house up on a hill in a wooded area which is in behind one our neighbors house probably 100 yards or less from where i was sitting! A minute or so later i heard another howl in the distance answering the howl close to me, then right after that up on the hillside i heard what sounded like a deep gurglely growl then what sounded like a tree being shook or something hitting a tree with something to make it shake, and then it stopped and i didnt hear anything else after that. This was all very exciting and yet a little unsettling for me because this was really the first time i had heard anything like this atleast that close to me like that..... Please feel free to post this and write me back if you have any questions regarding my story

Boone County: 2013

I came back home after being away 2 days to this story from my partner. He said he opened our back door to let our dogs out and something about 4ft in height jumped off a wall to the left of our back yard (it runs the length of our property and is about 3ft high) it made 2 jumps in our back yard (approx. 20 ft jumps) and landed on a chain-linked fence and steadied it self with its right hand on a branch. It then jumped to the corner of the chain-linked fence (approx. 16ft) and jumped off, it then made 2 to 3 more jumps passed our neighbors house and was gone. I know when my partner is messing with me (lying) because he cannot keep from smiling and laughing, so i do believe his sighting. He refuses to believe in bigfoot and he said this thing moved like something he has seen in the movies (he later told me it was comparable to "Spiderman"). Our fence is bent and one of the post tops is off and i cannot get it back on which tells me something with a lot of weight was on it. This happened during winter storm Virgil. Our yard is muddy but i didn't look for tracks because i had been gone for 2 days and figured our dogs had trampled anything. I checked the fence for hairs and there was nothing. On the first jump off the wall it knocked over a metal structure and i checked that for hairs and found nothing. I can tell he was freaked out from the experience and after I got over being mad because it didn't happen to me, I reported this to B.F.R.O. . I would have never have done this if I didn't think it was true. We live in Whitesville WV, and we live IN town. This is a heavily populated area but close to the woods.

Randolph County: 2013

My little step brother just got new tires on his truck, so he tried to drive him and his girlfriend over the mountain in the truck(2000 chevy s10 4x4) his uncle had just helped him buy, he made it passed the fire tower 1/2 mile. Then when it was getting too bad to drive, so he decided to back up and turn around, in a little opening, ended up backing in the ditch and getting stuck. After a few days of not being able to make it up far as my brother did. We were getting pretty mad. Called up all the friends we could with 4x4's and still no luck on making it even to the fire tower!! So my step brother, uncle, and I, decided I would drive my dads 2x4 work van half way up the mountain, and park it right below the snow line. we found them about 1.5 miles into the hike. Ok why we took cameras, because I wanted to get a video of use finally making it to his truck!! It had been along few days trying to get it out. and I was ready to be done with it. even thought we had to hike, 1.8 miles in and 2.5 out. the reason we only hike about 1.8 miles in, is because some crazy guy in a newer model white dodge Durango was coming up the mountain as we were hiking. he took up as far as he could before he had to turn around

Tucker County: August, 2013

Please bear with my typing i am using a cell phone to report this. My family and i just returned from a camping trip at blackwater falls we stayed in cabin 11 on the south side of the park. Driving home from dinner at the sawmill about a half mile before we reached the lodge i noticed something running extremely fast towards the road since by the road it drops off pretty far this thing had to be huge because i could see its thighs side torso and shoulders. It was an orangy brown color a little darker than a deer. It was running in big leaping strides i thought it was going to run in front of us so i slowed down alot but it was gone. I told my boyfriend that i had seen something he didnt believe me. We went back to our cabin got the kids inside and i tried to rationalize what i had seen. As soon as the sun started to set my boyfriend heard what sounded like a big stick being swung in wet leaves. I told him to be quiet and not mess with me about it anymore. He swore he was being truthful. Then he came in again and told me that there were trees being hit with branches and i could tell he was scared because he slammed and locked the door and closed all the blinds. We are both avid outdoors people and are not easily spooked by woods at night. When he had came back in when he came back in we heard trees breaking we were both spooked. We have four babies all four and under so we hoped it would leave us alone. This went on with the breaking trees for over an hour. Also we had deer in the yard every evening like clockwork except this evening. The next morning when it was light we walked down where the noises were the night before. There were freshly snapped trees everywhere. No wind that night either. There were two side by side snapped in different directions and you could see where the moss was scraped off the rocks right beside one of the trees that were snapped six feet up. From that point you can see the deck of the cabin prefectly. I also noticed a piling up of limbs and things against a tree that wouldnt have just happened naturally. I kept pointing it out to my boyfriend but he didnt see the meaning of it until i pulled photos up on my phone of similar ones made by possible bigfoots...i will tell you this i didnt believe in bigfoot at all until this week. I know what i saw and i know how it made me feel watched in danger and unwelcome. I am from western md have been around woods my whole life and i never felt that way in them or around them i have never seen something like that before either and it freaked me out. I dont know if the kids being loud upset it or them throwing rocks in the woods upset it or me seeing it while driving upset it and it tailed us i dont know. We will be happy to show you where i saw it where we stayed and the snapped trees. We have photos of the trees on the digital cam era if those will help i will print them off and mail them to you. We were planning on staying another night up there but left early when this happened. We didnt report it to park officals because we didnt want to be looked at as flakes but i wish we had someone else was gonna stay in cabin 11 the day we left. I hope they are safe. Like i said we would make the trip from frostburg md to show you the sites if needed. If you want us to do that please call the number i provided at the top with the 719 area code. Maybe others have experienced this too and are afraid to come foward but frankly i dont care if people think i ama flake i know what i saw and what i saw wasnt normal. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at. Idont check email often so its best to call. Thank you!!!

A follow up investigation found tracks, bent over trees, scratches on trees, believed to be too high to be done by bears and a possible teepee structure

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