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Preston County

1) 5/11/2006: At about 11:30pm eastern I heard a very strange vocalization. It was similar in tone to the "Ohio Howl" vocalization heard on page 2 of this site, but it was 4 quick, short, LOUD vocalizations. From the direction it sounded like it was coming from, it had to be at least 50 yards away or I could've seen whatever it was. Both of my bedroom windows were closed because it had been cool with rain showers all day & night. My bed is about 6' from the window on the side the sound was coming from & it sounded like it was right beside me. The next morning I couldn't find any sign of anything except the faint odor of skunk in the air, which may or may not have been related to the sounds.

2) Approx. 5/25/2006: My neighbor heard similar sounds behind his house at night. But they were more gutteral.

3) 8/4/2006: I heard the same sounds about 30 minutes ago that I heard on 5/11/2006 but this time they seemed to be coming from a small area of woods that is on the same side of the street as my house. These woods start about 100 yds. from my house. I might not have reported this incident, but earlier this afternoon my dog looked towards those same woods & whimpered a bit. I couldn't see, hear, or smell anything at that time though. There have been other times when she was in the house & ran to the doors like something was very near. But I never saw, heard, or smelled anything at any of those times either. But now I'm beginning to wonder what she sensed all those times.

4) Mid 1970's (This report is edited to protect the identities of the witnesses)

"When I was growing up prior to moving to Albright, we lived in Cransville and my brother and I was riding in the back of one of my sisters friends truck. We was going thru the woods and my brother and I seen something running up right, thru the woods. It was tall and harry but fast. It started chasing the truck we ducked down in the truck and the guy driving, took off...and a big harry thing had swooped over the back of the truck..We being young kids didnt know what it was. My sisters thought it was her friend and others playing a trick on us. But I dont believe a human could run fast enough to keep up with a truck and a bear I dont believe will run on two legs very far. And I've heard that there has been sightings in the Cransville swamp years ago. And I have never been back to those woods"

5) 10/30/2010: While deer hunting today in the Pleasantdale area, I heard 5 or 6 rock clacks

Related info: A couple weeks ago, my brother found a dead deer. Something dragged the carcass to the creek & left nothing but hair

Putnam/Cabell County

10/6/2006: The following is the report verbatim as reported to me: "1960's age 8-Up tree eating acorns, climbed down & walked off in woods. Have heard them in woods(Vocals)Had them hit building I lived in, throw things at me(rocks & nuts)seen glimpses of them while hunting, etc... Some family members have had encounters in same locations. Hope this helps.

Follow up

Details you wanted to know: Sounds, setting, time of year, etc...Sounded like Arabs in prayer, but later best described as backward talking. Also growling, scream/howl type sound. Sounded like several answering each other. Deep woods-farm, different times of year throughout. Locations: Near Hurricane, Water tank hill, & hills 1-2 miles behind, Hurricane Creek Rd., Cutt Rd. All in Putnam County. Also Kilgore Creek Rd. near Milton in Cabell County. Quiet for about a year now"

Greenbrier County

1) 10/19/2006: The following is the report as I received verbatim: "Details: Saw wild apes like Bigfoot at Meadow River after low flood near Rt. 60. Was 2 Bigfoots last Nov. 23rd & 3 Bigfoots last Nov. 24th, 2005. And since did not see any more"

2) (The following report was forwarded to me by Billy Willard, who first received it) "I'm (name witheld) from Franklin, WV. I just wanted to tell you what my wife and I experienced. It was weird, noises we'd never heard before. We were camping sept. 23rd - 27t of this year. Just last month. We were at Sherwood Lake State Park in neola WV. That is in Greenbrier County. The campsites are all on one side of the lake. I setup camp while the future wife went for some groceries in Lewisburg about 30 minutes away. While she was gone around 9pm (good and dark), I started hearing strange calls from across the lake. At first I thought it to be a hoot owl, but I haven't heard a hoot owl sound quite like that. Reason I first thought it was an owl was because it made a "hoo" sound. It started slow. hoo hoo then it would start to call slow to fast and longer. like: hoo................hoo............hoo.....hoo.. hoo............hooo.......hoooo..hoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohooohooohhoohooohoo hoo............hooo.......hoooo..hoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohooohooohhoohooohoo hoo................hoo............hoo.....hoo.. hoo................hoo............hoo.....hoo.. Its like to me it would start slow and windup faster like the sounds of primates on animal planet. Then quiet a couple minutes and it would start again. It called in approximately the same place for about 25 minutes until I heard a second call very similar to those I'd been listening to down the other end of the lake. This one was a little higher pitched. By this time my wife came back and noticed the calling. (one would make a call, then the other back and forth) She asked me what it was, and I told her it was a hoo hoo monster because that's the sounds it made. Then I told her it was probably bigfoot because I'd read a sighting story about a father and 2 sons were hiking around the lake, and on the side where we heard the sounds, he and his sons see 2 peeling bark off of some sapplings and eating it. He then said he and his boys ran away before they were noticed and this was in 1991 i believe"

Marshall County

3/27/2007: The witness filed the following report: "I'm a little reluctant because I'm not sure of what I heard, I do know that it wasn't someone doing fence work. There were 3 to 4 sharp knocks and the other side of the hill would reply ,sometimes 1 knock and others 3 to 4 times also. The variance of the knocks tells me that I was not hearing an echo. But what I did not mention earlier is that my dog was with me. She was around 5 mos. old at the time. I could here a chatter that sounded like native Indian language.It was very still that morning and no breeze until the sun got higher in the sky .Around 10 - 10:30 am. When my dog, (Mabel is her name) heard the chatter she immediately headed for the noise on a dead run. I yelled for her to come back. She didn't. But a few seconds after she disappeared around a little bend on a rise, she came running back and ran right past me with her tail tucked. I yelled out at what I had heard,some mild cursing I guess you would say. For I thought that it may be some other hunters and that they may have tried to hurt the pup. I got no response. I did here some loud thrashing and footfalls from above me to my right. I passed it off as deer being spooked by all the commotion. I then turned around and headed back the way that I came into the area. I found my dog about 30 yds. ahead of me on the trail. She was shaking pretty badly. Of course I patted her and rubbed her gently until she calmed down. This took several minutes of patting and rubbing. After she felt more at ease I leashed her and headed back towards the farm. I found a promising looking area to sit and watch for squirrels. It was still very calm and quiet,so I sat down and leaned back against a tree. Dog was right by my side but still very alert to the surroundings, her ears would perk up very often as if she was hearing something that I could not. I would cast my gaze in the direction that she was looking just to see if she had spotted a squirrel or chipmunk. I did not see any game or even birds for that matter. I remember thinking,boy this is awfully quiet. Almost an eerie type of silence,except for a horse fly or mosquito now and again. After sitting there for a while longer, the hairs on the back of my neck began to tingle and feel like they were about to jump right out of my skin. Mabels hair was standing straight up on her back also. I quickly looked around in all directions and did not see anything unusual. I thought then that it is time to go. No sooner was I standing and after taking a step or two the wood knocking started. At first I thought that an adjacent farmer was doing some fence work. Then when I heard the knocks from the other side of the hollow I went still for a few moments trying to figure out were they were coming from.Well the pup was quite agitated during this time and was tugging at the leash to get the hell outta there. This I did and in a hurry. The wood knocks seemed to be staying parallel to me as I was heading back towards the farm. This went on for several hundred yards until I came to the property gate. Then they just abruptly ceased. A short while later and several yards from the gate,the wooded areas and feilds around me finally came to life.The birds were chirping and flying and the chipmunks were giving me the riot act. When I got back to the camp(farm house) my hunting pal was already back from his hunt. He gave me one look and said what in the hell is the matter with you. All that I could say at that time was: I don't want to talk about it right now. After a few hours I told my hunting partner what I had experienced. He just looked at me and said man you were all jammed up when you got back and that he had never heard of anything like that before. I have never ventured past that property gate on the farm to hunt or scout an area since that experience happened. And I don't plan on going back to that area alone. I've never had anything close to that happen to me before or after. It is still locked in my mind.

Summers County

9/27/2007: I'm posting this report here with the permission of the witness who first posted it on Billy's Yahoo group: In early June of 1983, I was at Pipestem State Park in West Virginia with a college group. Pipestem has a lodge at the bottom of an 1800- ft-deep hollow, and we stayed there. You could only get down there by a tram, a hiking/horse trail and a service road. The entire area is dense hardwood forest, and like every hollow in West Virginia, there was a river at the bottom. One afternoon, a friend suggested hiking down the trail. It was a nice sunny day and not too hot, so off we went for what was supposed to be about a two-hour hike down the trail. We never saw anyone else on the trail. We were about 30-min. into the hike, just strolling and talking away, when suddenly, there was a loud, bone-chilling scream just above us, slightly behind us, no more than 40-50 feet away. We froze. This was the only time I have felt such instinctive fear. We looked uphill but couldn't see anything because of thick underbrush. I said, "What was that?" and he said, "I don't know but we need to get the hell off this mountain run!" Luckily, the trail had no roots or rocks and we were running downhill, so running was easy and we made good time, stopping to catch our breath after about half a mile. I asked my friend if he thought it had been a mountain lion, bobcat or bear. He said no to each. Then it screamed again it had followed us!!! It wasn't quite as close this time, but still easily within 50 yards, and again uphill and slightly behind us, hidden in the underbrush. We then ran all the way to the bottom, slowing down a couple of times to catch our breath, but we never stopped again. We got to the bottom and had to cross the river, which was about maybe 80-100 feet wide, thigh-deep and very rocky. The service road leading to our lodge was on the other side. I can't swim and I have hydrophobia, so this freaked me out but we HAD to cross here. So my friend helped me cross the river, and I noticed he kept looking back at the mountain the whole time. We felt safe after crossing the river, and followed the road to our lodge. I listed animals again, hoping he would tell me it was something he recognized. But I guess he didn't want to go down a list of every North American animal that can possibly make noise, so he explained that he came from a big hunting family, and had hunted all over the continent. He had heard every kind of growl, scream, howl, screech, etc. there was, but he had never heard anything like this. The scream is hard to describe because I can't compare it to anything. It was incredibly loud and menacing. It wasn't "pure" -- it had texture. It started suddenly and trailed off only a little before it ended, and lasted 5-10 seconds. It didn't sound like a wild animal as much as a wild person although there is no way a human could have made that scream. I've read where some people describe it like a woman dying, and I would definitely put it in that category. I think it had a "feminine rage" tone to it. My friend said that he knew of no animal that would have given up its position by screaming, or that would have followed us like that, or that would have followed for such a long ways, only to again give up its position. So I asked him if he thought it was a Bigfoot, and he reluctantly said he did, even though he'd never believed in them before. And of course, we didn't want our friends to think we were crazy, so we promised to keep it to ourselves. My college group went to Pipestem every year, but I NEVER hiked there again, nor did I stray far from the lodge. It left a lasting impression -- I was raised in the country and I had never been afraid of the woods before, but ever since then, I've not felt completely safe in the woods unless I've been with other people. I've listened to recordings of Bigfoot howls and whoops, and I've heard the same kind of "voice" quality in them, but neither the howls nor whoops sound like these screams. I've listened to various animal recordings over the years, and I've never heard anything like the screams. There was no smell, but I don't recall wind on the trail I have a distinct memory of cool wind along the river and that it felt so good after we'd been running. I also remember that only moments before the first scream, I mentioned to my friend that we didn't hear any birds. And I remember that upon the first scream, no birds startled and flew off it was like they were all frozen like they get when a hawk or eagle is nearby. Except for the screams, the woods were eerily quiet.

Logan County

11/23/2007: This is the witness report verbatim: While working as a security guard on a local strip mine I had a brief encounter with a large, bi-pedal,black/brown haired creature at about 3am. The full details of my sighting can be found on the BFRO site. I kept the sighting a secret for almost 16 years,never even letting any of my wives know(3 wives..LOL)about it. Having long been fascinated with the legend of sasquatch,I convinced myself over time that my eyes had played tricks on me because I believed that sasquatch only resided in the Northwestern U.S and British Columbia. However,after seeing and hearing about sightings all over the U.S and the possibility that these creatures may migrate vast distances..I decided to finally tell my story. Good site. I would love to become more involved in the research and field work. I reside in the coalfields of southern WVA. Thanks.

Pocahontas County

Date: spring or early summer of 1952

Details: crossed the road in front of us about 2 miles south of buckeye on US219

Follow up

The witness called me & said the creature he saw was about 5'-5 1/2' tall with long dark hair & was moving from the direction of one river towards the direction of another at about 1:15am near a ravine