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Preston County:Early '80's

This report came through a W.V.B.I.G. member

I just got the strangest phone call from my cousin in Youngstown. He is the same age as we are. He and I have been close since we were kids. He does not drink, smoke, or do drugs. We tell each other everything, and I mean everything. We talk usually once or twice a week but this phone call was different. When we were kids, back in the 80's, he stayed with us all the time during the summer months. He, my brothers and I would go shooting down at the old city dump in Pleasantdale. We went all the time, shooting birds, squirrels and such. All of a sudden we quit going, he never wanted to go. I figured either he outgrew it or just didnt want us shooting his guns anymore. That one day was the last we ever went to that dump. He knows I am a bigfoot fanatic, but just always blew it off... Tonite he calls me and told me he had something to tell me that he never told anyone.... on that last day we went, he went by one of those huge boulders to piss. He said he saw something black moving. He picked up his gun and looked through the scope and he saw a bigfoot. He said it was on 2 legs and walked the other direction away from us. I asked him how come he never said anything. He said "Dont you think everyone would of thought I was smoked up or something, there was no way I was saying anything to anyone"..... He is one of the biggest hypocrites I know, but I believe him, just for the fact that we never went again and before that was all we ever did. He said it was me, him, and one of my brothers shooting that day and he will never forget it...

Preston County: 2013

In 2013 at Irish Ridge, the witness and two other people saw a Bigfoot crossing the road when one had to get out to use the bathroom

Greenbrier County: 9/16/2015

My wife and I were at a campfire. Our backyard borders a wooded area that is quite large. I got up to put wood on the fire and we both heard something walking in the woods. No big deal really, but then there were two distinct wood knocks. Having done some research etc.. this got my attention. I told my wife to get to the house. I stayed to put out the fire. Whatever it was would then only move while I was shoveling dirt on the fire. This made me a bit nervous. I shone my headlamp towards the noises i was hearing. I caught eyeshine in two spots. Both turned away from the light. One was quite high and the other was about my hieght. I'm 6'4". Both sets were set quite wideapart. I then decided it was time to head to the house. Got about ten steps and heard a low whoop. Fealt more than anything. Laughed the rest of the way to the house due to nerves. Couple of hours later the wife asked me to go out with her as she took th! e dogs out. Something was thrown at us. I know it's nut season, but they don't fly sideways. They also don't hit you car and skip ten feet in the driveway. My wife thought I was trying to scare her. My hands were in my pockets. I told my wife to get to the house. Myself and the dogs were close behind. I don't know what they were. However it takes hands to knock wood and to throw whatever was thrown. Other odd thing the dogs wanted no part of it. Were eager to head to the house both times.