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Welcome to W.V.B.I.G.(West Virginia Bigfoot Investigations Group)


Established April 1, 2006

The W.V.B.I.G. is a little different than other Bigfoot research organizations because we don't have "official" expeditions where the whole group goes out to one location at once. It is more like the A.I.B.R. (Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers) for the state of West Virginia. By that I mean the members of the W.V.B.I.G. research where they want, when they want. They can research alone or contact other W.V.B.I.G. members to research with them if they wish. I only ask that they keep me informed about what, if anything, they find. The reason for this is that I believe a large group of people all stomping through the woods at once, is counterproductive

For those who aren't sure what Bigfoot is. Since it walks primarily bipedaly, has a foot closer resembling a humans than an apes, appears to have a human-like buttocks, some believe it's capable of speech, & all the colors of them that people have reported seeing, are naturally ocuring human hair colors, it may be an ancient form of human Another hypothesis is that Bigfoot is either Gigantopithecus blacki or a descendant of Giganto, which is generally believed to have been an ape that lived in Asia & is presumed to have died out approximately 300,000 years ago. These two hypotheses however, are not necessarily in conflict with one another. A German Anatomist & Anthropologist named Dr. Franz Weidenreich (1873-1948) believed Giganto was actually Hominidae and not Pongidae. He based this hypothesis on the similarities between the occlusal surfaces of the teeth of Giganto and those of Pithecanthropus & Sinanthropus. Both of which are now called Homo erectus At any rate, the W.V.B.I.G's. position is that Bigfoot is a flesh & blood hominoid.

Q: How could Bigfoot be Giganto if it died out 300,000 years ago?

A: Science believed the Coelacanth went extinct 65 million years ago. Until one was caught in 1938

The two objectives of W.V.B.I.G. are to resolve the mystery of Bigfoot and if it's determined they do exist, to study their movements, diet, and other behaviors without causing any harm to them.

Use the form below to anonymously file your report of a sighting or discovery of evidence of Bigfoot. Your report will be forwarded to a member or members in the area of the sighting or evidence discovery. We reserve the right to post only the most credible reports regarding Bigfoot. Your name will be kept confidential.

I will not post dates or locations of future excursions. I will only post the results of such excursions. Whether any evidence is found or not. My reason for doing this is that if evidence is found, I don't want anyone to be able to say it is the work of a hoaxer because countless people knew when & where we were going to be exploring.

Throughout this site you will hear actual recordings of different sounds attributed to, but not proven to be made by, Bigfoot. Most of these sounds can be found on the "Bigfoot Sounds" CD's

Please click on "All Predator Calls" & "Find Sounds" below to listen to many different animal vocalizations for free before filing your anonymous report if you are reporting Bigfoot vocalizations. Also, If you are reporting an actual possible Bigfoot sighting. In case you didn't already know, Black bears can be black, chocolate, cinnamon, blonde, & even white.

Thank you.

Steven Titchenell: W.V.B.I.G. President.

Snowshoe, WV. Bigfoot video

Randolph County, WV. Bigfoot video

Click HERE to find more info on the Bigfoot phenomenon in West Virginia

Click HERE to submit your report

Indigenous Wildlife of WV.

Find Sounds

Bear Facts

Submit possible Bigfoot vocalizations & photos

W.V.B.I.G. is:

Steven Titchenell: President (Preston County)

Morgana: Vice President (Wood County)

Elizabeth (Kanawha County) Vance (Preston County)

John (Preston County) Chris T. (Preston County)

Ted (Marshall County) Clyde (Greenbrier County)

Adam (Pendelton County) Tom (Pocahontas County)

Paul (No preference) Chris M. (Cabell, Lincoln, Mason, Putnam, & Wayne counties)

Greg (No preference) Andrea (Southern WV.)

David W. (Pocahontas County) David M. (Wyoming & Mercer counties)

Andy (Southeastern WV) Mike (Nicholas County)

Mark (Greenbrier, Logan, & Wyoming Counties)Kimberly (Greenbrier County)

Jeffrey (Nicholas, Pocahontas, Randolph, & Webster Counties)Thomas L. (Cabell, Putnam, & Wayne Counties)

Rick (No preference)

James (Pendleton County) Cliff (Northern Panhandle & Monongalia Counties)

Hugh (Logan County) John B. (No preference)

Jeff (Boone & Wyoming counties) Allen (No preference)

Robert(Calhoun & bordering counties) James W. (Marion, Monongalia, & Preston counties)

Chris D. (Monongalia County) Stephen (No preference)

Alex(Cabell & Wayne Counties) Chris R.(No preference)

Karen (Lincoln & Wayne Counties) Michelle (Preston & surrounding counties)

Jim (No preference) Patrick (Hardy & Hampshire counties)

Steve C. (Kanawha & Lincoln counties) Willie (No preference)

Jim (No preference) Jacob(Harrison County)

Steve S. (Preston, Tucker, & surrounding counties) Betty(Preston County)

Stephen(No preference) Mark (Lincoln)

Ethan(Junior member) (Kanawha County)

Use of alcohol and/or drugs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED during W.V.B.I.G. expeditions.

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